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1952 Dessau Road Race
1951 Spanish GP
1951 Swiss GP

1952 Swiss GP

1952 Eifelrennen
1952 Indianapolis 500
1953 Swiss GP
 XII  Großer Preis der Schweiz

Overview - Entry List - Qualification - Starting Grid - Classification - Fastest Laps - Laps Led

DateSunday 18 May 1952
Start time14:00
EventSwiss GP
Event FormatRace of 62 laps
ChampionshipWorld Championship
Race number#1 of 8 in 1952
#16 (of all time)
Circuit Perimeter7280 m
Race Distance7280 × 62 = 451.360 km
Grid Format3-2-3-2
Pole PositionRight
First CornerRight
Track DirectionClockwise
WeatherMild, Dry
Championship Debutants
Alan Brown (Driver),
Eric Brandon (Driver),
Jean Behra (Driver),
Ken Wharton (Driver),
Lance Macklin (Driver),
Max de Terra (Driver),
Peter Collins (Driver),
Toni Ulmen (Driver),
AFM (Car Manufacturer),
Frazer-Nash (Car Manufacturer),
Gordini (Car Manufacturer),
Bristol (Engine Manufacturer),
Gordini (Engine Manufacturer),
Kuchen (Engine Manufacturer),
   Plate (Engine Manufacturer),
Simca (Engine Manufacturer),
AFM 50 (M4) (Car Model),
Cooper T20 (Car Model),
Ferrari 500 (Car Model),
Frazer-Nash FN48 (Car Model),
Gordini T16 (Car Model),
HWM 52 (Car Model),
AFM (Entrant),
Alfred Dattner (Entrant),
Ecurie Richmond (Entrant),
Scuderia Franera (Entrant),
Toni Ulmen (Entrant)
MilestonesCar 20 - 10th Race Entry (Car Number)
Car 28 - 1st Pole Position (Car Number)
Car 30 - 1st Fastest Lap (Car Number)
Car 30 - 1st Win (Car Number)
Car 32 - 10th Race Entry (Car Number)
Car 44 - 10th Race Entry (Car Number)
Alta - 10th Race Entry (Engine Manufacturer)
Equipe Gordini - 20th Race Entry (Entrant)
Ferrari - 1st Fastest Lap (Engine Manufacturer)
Ferrari - 50th Race Entry (Engine Manufacturer)
Scuderia Ferrari - 1st Fastest Lap (Entrant)
 Simca-Gordini - 20th Race Entry (Car Manufacturer)
 Ferrari - 1st Fastest Lap (Car Manufacturer)
 Ferrari - 50th Race Entry (Car Manufacturer)
 Piero Taruffi - 1st Fastest Lap (Driver)
 Piero Taruffi - 1st Win (Driver)
 Emmanuel de Graffenried - 10th Race Entry (Driver)
Records Broken 1. Most Consecutive Drivers' Championship Points Scores Ferrari (7),
2. Highest 3rd Place Finish Ratio Gordini (50.00%),
3. Highest 3rd Place Finish Ratio Jean Behra (100.00%)
Records Extended 1. Most 2nd Place Finishes Ferrari (10),
2. Most 6th Place Finishes Emmanuel de Graffenried (4),
3. Most Race Entries Louis Rosier (15),
4. Most 4th Place Qualifications Ferrari (7),
5. Most 5th Place Qualifications Ferrari (7)

Championship standings
1  Piero Taruffi 9 
2  Rudi Fischer 6 
3  Jean Behra 4 
4  Ken Wharton 3 
5  Alan Brown 2 
1 Ferrari 8 
2 Gordini 4 
3 Frazer-Nash / Bristol 3 
4 Cooper / Bristol 2 

 WinnerPole PositionFastest Lap
Car NumberCar 30Car 28Car 30
EntrantScuderia FerrariScuderia FerrariScuderia Ferrari
Driver Piero Taruffi Nino Farina Piero Taruffi
Car Ferrari 500 Ferrari 500 Ferrari 500
EngineFerrari 2.0 L4Ferrari 2.0 L4Ferrari 2.0 L4
Speed148.990 km/h156.466 km/h154.985 km/h

Overview - Entry List - Qualification - Starting Grid - Classification - Fastest Laps - Laps Led